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Since its birth, ultra-pure water machines are gradually invading the market of other pure water machines

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The ultra-pure water machine is mainly designed for centralized bidding and procurement for universities, enterprises, experiment centers, laboratories and various administrative units. It adopts advanced microcomputer automatic control procedures, metal casing, beautiful appearance, compact structure and complete functions The ultrapure water machine is especially suitable for high-performance liquid phase, ion chromatography, atomic absorption / emission spectroscopy, amino acid analysis, TOC detection, environmental monitoring, various physical and chemical detection, buffer preparation and other experimental projects. 

The ultra-pure water machine occupies a small area, can save a lot of space, and is equipped with an advanced membrane protection system. When the equipment is turned off, the ultra-pure water machine can use desalinated water to wash away the dirt on the surface of the membrane to prolong the service life of the membrane. The ultrapure water machine has also attracted the attention of industries such as biomedicine industry, electronics industry, fine chemical industry, beverage, food industry, brackish water desalination, seawater desalination equipment and other industries.

Ultra-pure water machine has a microcomputer automatic control system, humanized operation, convenient for users to operate. The ultrapure water machine is equipped with a liquid crystal display detection system to monitor the water quality of the equipment at any time. The ultra-pure water machine has a timing control function for starting up and flushing operations, and remotely sets the device's water intake function. Not only that, the ultrapure water machine is equipped with a handheld infrared remote control, which is the host with two sets of operating systems. The following describes the relevant knowledge of the ultra-pure water machine for experimental analysis.

1. Performance characteristics of ultrapure water machine
Fully automatic microcomputer control system, multi-level menu operation
Super large backlit LCD liquid crystal screen, resolution up to: 240 * 128, ultra-pure water machine full real-time animated working mode display
Online 3-way water quality monitoring, real-time monitoring of influent, RO water and ultrapure water quality
Ultra-pure water machine fully automatic RO membrane anti-flushing program to extend the life of RO membrane
No water alarm, water full alarm, source water, RO water, ultrapure water (parameters can be set at will) alarm exceeding the standard,
Consumables end-of-life alarm, automatic fault detection, provide safety guarantee
Special factory and customer secondary passwords, ultra-pure water machine system settings are protected by passwords to prevent unauthorized changes
Can set the life of pretreatment, RO membrane, UV lamp and ultra-purified column, display the consumables used and remaining time,
Automatic reminder for expiring replacement of consumables to avoid water quality decline
Ultra-pure water machine special setting water quality function (timing: 1-99min; quality: 1-18.2 MΩ-cm)
Ultra-pure water machine's unique domestic work and work modes to ensure sufficient water supply
Various sizes of water storage buckets are available to meet different needs
Integrated plastic molding case, ergonomic design of ultrapure water machine, compound GLP specification

Second, the basic technical parameters of pure water machine
Microorganism: <1cfu / ml
Total organic carbon: TOC <30ppb
Heavy metal ion: <0.2ppb
Microparticulate matter: <1 / ml
Ultrapure water machine turbidity: <0.1NTU
Total organic carbon removal degree> 90%
Pure water tank 30-80 L PE material
Working power supply: 220v / 50Hz, voltage fluctuation rate ± 10%
Working conditions: temperature 5-40 ℃, ultra-pure water machine in the north area needs to have anti-freezing room