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Background overview:
Laboratory wastewater mainly comes from the laboratory of various scientific research units and scientific research and teaching laboratories of colleges and universities. Laboratory wastewater has its own special properties, low volume, strong intermittency, high hazards, and complex and variable composition.

According to the actual situation of laboratory wastewater treatment, Changsha Vaughan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a comprehensive laboratory wastewater treatment tool. The wastewater treatment system has the following advantages:

○ Ultra-high performance The discharged water quality after treatment is much better than the relevant limits specified in GB8978 "Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard", reducing the environmental protection taxable rate
○ Convenient operation One key to start and stop, no need to be on duty
○ Intelligent system patented automatic repair function, automatic deodorization function and automatic sludge filtration technology
○ Worry-free after-sales service Remote monitoring via the Internet and Internet of Things, real-time online detection of running status, tracking and hosting services
○ Energy-saving and environmental protection Design intensive, space-saving, reasonable and precise process, low operating cost
○ Easy to maintain Real-time display of drain water parameters and module operating status, easy and convenient replacement of consumables
○ Qualification honor ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, 14001 environmental management system certification, EU CE certification, remote online monitoring and fault diagnosis system patent