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Laboratory maintenance skills of ultrapure water machine

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In our daily life, we often see the laboratory ultrapure water machine, which not only brings convenience to our domestic water, but also lays a foundation for our health. Vaughan professionals teach you that the laboratory ultra-pure water machine needs regular maintenance in daily use, which can be roughly divided into the following points:

1. Even if no water is used, always use a small amount of water

Because the reverse osmosis membrane is a very important part of the laboratory ultra-pure water machine, its pore size is very small, so the microscopic substances such as bacteria will accumulate on the surface during use. Generally, the pure water machine has a backwash function. When the water consumption is within 10 liters / day, it can be rinsed 3-5 times. If it exceeds 10 liters, it should be rinsed several times. If you do n’t use it for a long time, you need to take it out and soak it in the disinfectant to avoid the growth of bacteria. This process is more troublesome. It is recommended that you turn on the power even if you do n’t use water. To reduce the standing water deposition time is too long. The reverse osmosis membrane is used for 2-3 years. The real name is determined according to the customer's water consumption, so users must choose the matching specifications when purchasing.

2. Replace the activated carbon filter in about one year

Activated carbon filter element removes peculiar smell and organic matter in water through its adsorption. There is residual chlorine in the tap water, which has a great oxidation effect on the reverse osmosis membrane, so it needs to be removed with activated carbon. There is no intuitive change in the surface of the activated carbon filter. According to experience, it needs to be replaced in about a year.

3. Pay attention to the life of the purification column

Purification columns are sometimes referred to as ultra-pure columns according to customers' water quality requirements. Its own role is to conduct deep seawater desalination of reverse osmosis pure water and eventually reach the level of primary water or ultrapure water. The principle is ion exchange. The life of the purification column is expressed in online resistivity. Below a specific resistance means that the purification column is expired and more intuitive. In addition to the water consumption of consumers, its life is particularly important for the filling volume of ion exchange resins produced by various manufacturers and the quality of the ion exchange resin itself.

4. According to the water quality and quality of water, to avoid rising use costs
Laboratory ultrapure water equipment using tap water as the source of water generally has two outlets, namely tertiary water and primary water. The water produced by reverse osmosis is tertiary water, which is stored in the water tank, while the primary water is taken immediately without storage. The cost of primary water is higher than that of tertiary water. Therefore, users should take different quality water according to water quality requirements in daily use. When tertiary water can be used, try not to use primary water.