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Laboratory ultrapure water machine operation instructions and advantages

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The laboratory ultrapure water machine is not only suitable for household pure water but also for laboratory ultrapure water, ultrapure water system inlet, stability test chamber, meteorological experiment, and water supply equipment, hydrogen generator, humidifier and other instruments Water supply. It can completely replace the traditional single steaming, double steaming and triple steaming machine. The laboratory ultrapure water machine also has its own advantages. Let's see how his functions are displayed together.

1. Equipment management is simple and convenient. There is only one host computer in the whole experiment building, which can be transported to various laboratories through the circulating pipe network. Through the operation management of the professional equipment department, high-tech laboratory personnel can focus on experimental work, rather than the maintenance of pure water equipment.

2. After the equipment investment and operation cost system are integrated, the equipment cost is low, the water utilization rate is high, and the management cost is low.

3. The experimental water quality has no dead water or ultra-pure water circulation treatment, to ensure that all fresh and qualified ultra-pure water is available at any time.

4. Through LCD touch screen camera monitoring technology, remote automatic display, operation and control, remote control and convenient water intake can be realized. The computer records the operating parameters of the equipment and prints a report to facilitate the analysis of the data correlation between the experimental water quality and the experimental results.

5. The main computer of the experimental environment system has a dedicated room. Each laboratory only needs to install the experimental faucet, so the room is clean and beautiful.